The Brand


After 5 1/2 wonderful and exciting years in business, Little Juneberry closed it's virtual doors at the end of 2018. My two kiddos were growing up so fast and at that time I felt it was the best decision to close up shop and focus more on them. I wanted to be a  better wife, a better mother and to be more PRESENT
Fast forward 7 months...I felt like something was missing. I was struggling to find "my purpose" other than being a wife and mother. I knew reopening my small business was what I needed and wanted to do. So, in October 2019, Little Juneberry became Chase Those Rainbows and I began to chase my own dream again! 
I've always wanted to provide handmade accessories at affordable and more obtainable price points without sacrificing quality or style. That has always been my goal since day one back in 2013.
As a mother of an almost 7 year old girl, going on 17, I can relate to wanting to let them express themselves with fun accessories without breaking the bank. Having experienced being a mother to a newborn baby girl and wanting to have a bow for every outfit, I can also relate to not wanting to spend more on a headband than a package of diapers. No matter what age your little one is, a hair accessory is just accessory.
My personal philosophy, which essentially is what Chase Those Rainbows stands for, is a bow, a hair clip or even a headband should not cost more than a piece of clothing and sometimes even shoes. If I couldn't personally justify spending a certain amount of money on one hair accessory for my daughter, then I don't believe that you should have to either. Handmade should be accessible to everyone and if I can provide a way to do that, I will. 
That is why here at Chase Those Rainbows, you will always get high quality, handmade accessories that are current in style and trends at affordable prices.  
I work really hard searching high and low for the highest quality materials/supplies for the best prices I can get in order to pass those savings along to you because at the end of the day, just like you, I'm a mother who loves to accessorize my daughter.
Thank you so much for allowing me to continue to stay at home and still be able to provide for my family. Currently my daughter takes dance classes and my son wants to play t-ball. Because of YOU, I am able to make sure they can continue to chase their own dreams!